Can you extend flash promo for buyers for a couple of days pleaaaase 😙

PS: I Love you gameflip please don’t disappoint me :heart::heart:

Didnt you reach the limit?
6$ for buying.

No the offer ended before i see anything worth buying

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Unfortunately they can’t be extended that easy. :frowning:

But we always have those kind of promos, so stay tunned.


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You need to change how this promo system works for sellers. This is what happens all the time (or something like that):

Friday evening and I’m reading terms of promo. It says “Minimum price of item sold - $10. Maximum number of items - 2”. Not bad, I say to myself and go to sleep. Tomorrow morning 48 hours left till promo ends. Let’s see my sold items… oh, look! I sold two things over ten bucks, great! Check my wallet and… No money? Oh, I forgot they need to rate me first. Damn. Okay, I’ll be patient. (important part is coming). Next morning. DING - notification 1. Leave me alone, I’m sleeping. DING - notification 2. Okay, okay, first must be that empty Gameflip notification, but the second one… soooo, where did I put my phone? Oh, there it is. Wow, I sold another two over ten bucks items. Wait, wait… yeeeesss! They rated me right after. So I have my $8 at last, let just check my wallet… wait, what?!? Nothing? Nada? Rien? Ništa? Zero again. Let’s think, confused GF user, what did I do wrong? Oh, that’s it. Gameflip messed up. (most important part is coming) ONLY TWO FIRST SOLD ITEMS COUNTS, SO IF THEY ARE NOT COMPLETED IN TIME, I’M OUT OF THESE SWEET FREE EIGHT BUCKS! Or maybe not? Maybe is only important for those sales to be completed whenever? I wont risk, let’s do something I hate - be that annoying seller and ask people to rate you before the system does it and think of some good reason that doesn’t sound too pushy. Oh well, where is my coffee?

So, my question: Is it important for sales to be completed during the promo, or is it enough just to be sold during that time? Is there any chance for system to ignore not completed transactions if there are completed ones afterwards?

EDIT: Am I now qualified to write dialog for that nice Community Guides of yours? :slight_smile:

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The transactions must be completed so you can earn the credits.
Regarding “Is there any chance for the system to ignore not completed transactions if there are completed ones afterward?” I’ll check with the team if this is possible.

Bear in mind, that those promos usually lasts for more than 4 days. So sellers have plenty of time to delivery the items so buyers can complete the transactions faster.

Thanks for the suggestion and feedback.

I know they last more than 4 days, but not all of the eligible items are sold on day one (and I’m always instant delivery but some buyers just don’t rate). Thanks for answering and checking this with team!