I Sold an article more than $10 but i didnt recive the $2 Extra, dont know why

Someone can help me with that?

Perhaps the sale had ended after you had sold the item. Can you tell me when you had sold your item?

Hello bro, it’s expired, it was a reward from Gameflip.

I sold yesterday, because i saw that if i sold an item more than $10 i could get $2 extra for the transaction, and i sold it for $13 but didnt recive nothing

Hello friend, but it said that expires in 1 Day

So, i guess it’s a bug or something but i’m sure it is expired already.

The promotion is still ongoing as can be seen on the Promotions page.

Why do you keep answering all these questions when you clearly don’t know the answers? There’s no need for you to reply to every post on this forum lol.

i m facing the same issue right even though promotion is still active , sold an item for 10$ and still dint get the 2$ promotional reward

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Maybe it takes time to be added with your funds.

You must contact Gameflip support as we aren’t able to help you any further.

Just contact gameflip and tell them what exactly happened to you they will help you i’m sure. https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Did I say that? oh yes! I did.

Yeah, i’m trying to tell him what to do, if that bother you Feel free to be blocked. Thanks bro!