Mobile Nofitications & Auto Rate

Firstly about the Mobile Nofitications, I don’t recieve any mobile nofitication from my account about anything than the promotions, but at the same time when i signed in using another account, i got nofitications, i’ve tried my best to fix it but failed,
second about the Auto Rate, buyers 2 times missed to rate me, and i haven’t got any rate from them, but i got the money.

If you haven’t done so already, can you please contact Support so we can get more information from you to better understand what’s going on.

You can also let Support know about the auto rate to so we can look into your account and see what exactly happened, but if I read that correctly, it seems to be working as intended.

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Yes same here, what gives with not receiving any notifications, this is my 2nd time i sent a email to you guys, can we get any updates on this, ( just sent newest one about 45 min ago) but i hate being 3-6 hours late to a potential buyers comment and perhaps miss the sale due to that.

This is the first time I’m hearing about this issue and might be a corner case since I haven’t had any issues personally with receiving notifications. In your Support ticket, please also attach any screenshots that may help, as well as which listings/exchanges you did not receive any notifications on so we can try and see what’s going on.

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Really? ive seen at least 1 other person with this issue in the forum. And its now about to be 1 week since this issue started and its annoying. I cant send in any screenshots as i never know when i receive notifications and im not getting as much as i used too. So thats a little hard to show. every once in a while when i load the app ill see the little red button with 1 or 2 notifications that i received while i was away but i still dont get notified when i get them. I have to manually check the app every so often and check notifications ( even when its just the white bell( meaning no new notifications) i check it because half the time i do have 1 and it just doesn’t tell me. Every notification in the past week has not notified me that i have 1 ( as you can see in most response times) The only nots, i get are for my cash withdrawls and the processing of it. thats it.

sorry to post on another thread, but how to i start my own topic? ive been looking all over for somewhere to let me create one but cant find out how

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Can you see this? Press this button and then you can create a new thread.

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I understand that you might not be able to start a topic as your a new user but please do not reply on a very old topic regarding other matters. You can reply on some newer topics only if really needed. Thanks.

Note : You will need the ‘Basic’ badge in order for new users to create a topic. Without the badge, you will not see the " + New Topic "
Just look through some topics and replies and you should be able to get the badge.