Moderators, Others, please listen

You guys said I was impersonating someone? No I wasn’t. I bought from a fishy guy because he game me a good deal. Yes it was on fortnite page so I do deserve a tempoarary Suspension. That is true I agree with that. I will never do that again and it was wrong. I don’t understand why I’m banned though for impersonating someone or something. I am legit and halo ban all scammers from your site. I’m not a scammer myself and have recorded all my transactions. I have $50.00 I need to retrieve to support my family. I’m interested in why you guys won’t be open on a 1 to 1 talk line so I can ask questions. When will I be unbanned and if I will be unbanned. Can I retrieve my money first? Or not? Please answer me. This is my $50.00! It’s important to me.