Account Suspensiom

Okay. Let me talk. Mods, join with an open mind and willing to TALK and Listen to a fellow person, not just some random person the web.

Okay before I start, invite code: 5FV2AN

Listen, do not reply with “the Suspension was permanent and we can’t help you”

You can’t ban someone for Suspension when they haven’t done anything, I haven’t.

You guys banned me because you said I had an alternate account when time and time again I said it wasn’t my account. You said it was mine, but it wasn’t.

It’s not fair to say it was mine without proof. Innocent before guilty.

My account wasn’t deleted after I’ve been banned but from other complaints some accounts have been banned and deleted but mine wasn’t.

I have $55.77 that I (((NEED)))

It is not fair to hold my money forever when it is mine.

If I scammed someone or sold an account then you know I’ve broken the rules, and can ban me. But I never done anything like that. It’s not fair.

Now I’m asking for a deal

I get to withdrawal my funds and can stay off your site forever and can re ban me or whatever or I can get my money back using BBB the hard long way. This is my last offering to you gameflip. You have no right to hold my money when I’ve done nothing wrong.

If you want you can even take a % of the money but that is my money and you don’t deserve it.

Sincerely and hopeful the last time


Dunnbiscuit will probably reply “Given the nature of the suspension I am unable to help you further.” Sorry friend.

I know. It’s not fair and I’m not going to stop. They stole money from me and that’s not okay. They think it’s okay just to say sorry, I can’t help you. That’s illegal to steal money and that’s what this is. No proof of me stealing just Suspension. Are you kidding? You can’t arrest someone because they have a hoodie on and look like they might steal from someone.

Got suspended for selling nudes lol

How do you know that? Lol