Mods are yo guys gone?

I sell cracked accounts on the Gameflip platform, and do so under strict guidelines that I place for myself. My account,, was suddenly suspended with a little over 15 dollars that I rightfully earned selling my hard earned accounts. Could someone please explain how I can have my account I suspended and how to regain access to my substantially funded wallet? (UPDATE!) I was unaware of the guidelines laid down regarding accounts/friend codes, but would still like to become unsuspended to claim my wallet’s funds. Is there any way I can do so?

Why do you keep spamming? All that will do is get you banned from the forums too. You’ve gotten clear answers. The people who have been allowed to withdraw were people who were suspended for violations such as using vulgar language, but who sold approved items. They don’t give refunds for your situation (selling accounts, selling stolen items).

Also, you should be more realistic and take this as a learning opportunity as I can tell you are still a young guy. No one cares about your fake self imposed guidelines. $15 isn’t a substantial amount. Cracked codes are a shady low profit area of online sales that you should avoid. If you want to get into this sort of shady behavior don’t post your email that leads to a twitter account with your real name.

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