my account has been banned hyperclip

so i just came back to playing fortnite and decided to sell some in game items just to notice my account has been banned. i haven’t been on for ages

whats ur invite code , give it to @DarkKnight / @MajorTom
if u dont remember dm them with ur email/number linked with the account

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Hello hyperclip,

As nocap has mentioned, could you please dm me your invite code or email associated to your account?

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Hey @MajorTom my account was banned/suspended for the first time. I have approx 3000$ in that account I have 500 plus sales all good ratings 1 neutral rating no bad ones, I made a slight mistake but still sold on Gameflip I was wondering if u can help me lift my ban if not I’d their a way I can withdrawal the 3000$ in my Gameflip account and never come back again? Hope to see from you soon

Hello @Zeeky!

I have already answered you in the following topic:

Please do not spam post the same issue into various topics.

Godspeed! :trident: