My account suspended one minute after first warning i got

Hello Guys

Tonight i get suspended one minute after get first warning .
please tell me know can i get my account back or not .
My invite code is . SL7284

Thank you
Best Regards

i just want you guys know that a have a 2 year girl and we live with this money . all this money on my account if i dont get that we can’t buy foods .

i hope you guys understand , its all my money mybe i get hearth attack tonight . you don’t know this money all i have , wecare from poor country and work for some food . i never scam any one have more then 550+ good rate


Unfortunately you were selling copyrighted items. Since those items weren’t supposed to be sold or shared a permanent suspension was placed to the account. If you want to appeal to this, contact our support team.

I’m unable to help you further.