My account was suspended for no reason

Hello, my account is done susprendre permanent for the reason “- Inappropriate language and content within the marketplace” I made tickets on the support to ask when I used a bad language, no members of your team to answer me, and I n have more answers for 48 hours, a customer opened a deal dispute and he used a bad language see here:

I lost all my money, and a trade with my Steam keys without reasons, I ask you now to kindly give me a valid reason, when I used a bad language, thank you.


Can you send me your invite code or the phone number you used to register your account via PM so I can check it and help you further?


I just sent you a message.

Good evening, my account is suspended once again for a new reason which I do not understand if you can help me (I have the impression that as soon as a customer opens a deal dispute our account is automatically suspended that’s done to the nearest second)

You need to provide your info if you want help from the forum moderators. Users do not get “automatically” suspended by the system for opening a dispute.

What was the reason stated in your suspension email?

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