My gameflip gamer club subscription not renew sales cap

Hello Gameflip,

Im having some issue with gameflip gamer club subscription. Just at yesterday my subscription renewed and balance deducted like usual because im activating auto-renewal. But i have an issue the saled used is not recalculate with new update and remain like it was.

Need technical help from gameflip asap as i wanted selling my stuff on gameflip site.

My invite code TU4K4T

is because period of last month of subscription havent finished yet. You just paid some days before end of subscription.

A subscription lasts 30 days. When you renewed the subscription, you were renewing for the next 30 days (e.g. Day 31-60). If your “sales used” is still the same then your current 30 days (e.g. Day 1-30) are not over yet.