My money was scammed by gameflip itself

I made my account a while ago and ive sold a few things as well. Well anyways to make a long story short. I went and purchased a prepaid visa card today activated it. It had $25 on it. Well i added funds to my account via gameflip app using the visa card. I added $10 two times. For a total of $20 it charged me $0.60 each transaction (not a big deal) well when i confirmed the payment it was in a pending status. It was like that all day. I even provided all the documents asked of me. So i decided to cancel the order. I got 2 messages in my transaction history saying refund $10.60 but when i call my card it says i have just about $2. Where did my money go???

Refunds can take up to 7 days for your bank to process it.

Thanks for the help galacticarm!

That is correct :wink:

If you have any more doubts Vincent_Coronado, just ask us or verify the FAQ that galacticarm sent.

God speed!

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