Need help buyer won’t send item down $55

Hi I bought an in game rocket league item for $55 the seller never contacted me and put the item as shipped so I can’t cancel, I have not received the item and since I am signed up through Facebook I can’t contact the support email through my account, my code is W68A4T and I really need some help the seller won’t cancel or even respond to me and now I’m down $55. It was titanium white zombas for rocket league on the Xbox one my name is Tanner Orona can you please help me

First thing you need to do is dispute the delivery. That stops the counter!

I already did it’s on dispute

Ok now that its there GameFlip will review but timer has stopped.

So will I get my money back

If GF finds that the claim to be true, then yes. They will cancel the order and refund your money.

If you search and read the Help site, it’s pretty clear: