Need help Mod please

I sold an item in Fortnite today in the morning and he was at school so I waited awhile and then waited more hours for him to update it and he just couldn’t update it, so I asked to cancel again and he said yes, and I pressed sent at some point. So as soon as I saw that I said don’t accept and rate, and he didn’t yet. So I need help to cancel the transaction

I’m going to try and give it to him, but i clicked 24 hour transfer so I’m not sure if I have more time to sort this out.

The time limit you place isn’t a deadline so to speak its a grace period for buyer to be on the hook. If you don’t deliver in time, the buyer then cancel after that said grace period. Listing won’t go away after that time, will stay there until one of you cancels. I think you can cancel as a seller at any time, only other way I know is have him open a dispute then cancel from there.

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