Need to remove an unfair poor rate..

Hello Gameflip Community, im the owner of X Productions Store… i actually got 0 Poor ratings…
days ago i received an GIG order to make a “Logo” and actually made it to the customer and i was asking him in every step hows that and this… and asking for his preference and all i got from him was “Great … perfect … matches me” and after the purchase he rated me “POOR” and reason is here

he complained about the background which has nothing to do with his order which were for a “Logo” not a background lol.
and thats the conversation between us shows his agreement on everything
i was sure he liked everything , then got this unfair poor rating…

ORDER ID : 8bb826bf-6c26-402d-b2fd-df1ec0348138

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After further investigating it, I could remove the rating.

Thank you.


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