Negative rating, buyer acknowledges the error and asks support to remove it.

Hello everyone, a buyer after using my code successfully left me a negative review with the following words:
( Seller sold huge discount gift cards and then vanish from GameFlip. My account is locked and customer service said I used a stolen gift card )

On the day he did this, I was temporarily suspended by GameFlip for 3 days, so when my suspension was lifted, I confronted the buyer in a good sense with a message saying:
( Hi bro, I hope you and your family are in good health, I had been blocked for 3 days by GameFlip, and I found that after years of me working hard here, you bought an AMC code from me and left me a negative review, may please explain to me what happened? you claimed saying that your account was blocked due to the code could you send a screenshot to me to verify if it is true? because I sell hundreds of AMC codes and everyone who bought nobody complained that they had problems )

And look what he replied:

( R a y v i n :smiling_imp:)
( Hello GM
I bought several amc gift cards during the same time buying from you. One of them was reported stolen from a credit card and risked my account being permanently locked. I came to find out who I bought it from and thought it was your amc card. Also you had vanished so I assumed you were guilty of it. I just checked and it’s not your card. I’ll contact GF support to update rating to GOOD
I sent the request in to change rating for order : d40b1018-877d-41d7-93a7-4097ddfece7 )

I hope support can remove this negative comment from my account as it was an assumed mistake by the buyer.

Order: d40b1018-877d-41d7-93a7-4097ddfece71

Since the buyer already contacted support, then I don’t think you need to do anything else. You can send a ticket to support regarding the removal of negative rating with all those screenshots and information if you want.

They don’t remove ratings via forums anymore (only through support) unless they changed it so will have to wait.

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