Unfair negative review

I’m contacting you because I sold an Xbox card and the buyer gave me a negative review for no reason. Could you help me to restore this, if possible by removing this unfair vote? Thank you for your patience I will send you all the screenshots.
My Code: 6T247Y
Here the order ID : 611a79b0-6d67-422c-9fc8-a4dd0e35e1fc

First of all, a few minutes after the order, the buyer asks to cancel the order. Unfortunately, the item was in auto-delivery, I told him the cancellation policy of Gameflip (found on your site) so I could no longer cancel and that he had to check with Gameflip Customer Service. At this message, the customer tells me to forget it, then strangely comes back explaining that my code doesn’t work.
So from then on, I tried to understand the problem by asking him for information to prove that he wasn’t trying to rip me off. After two questions the buyer stopped answering and gave me a negative vote.

It’s not fair if he had proof that the code didn’t work and the user hadn’t used it, I would have sent him a second code for free. I’ve just started I already have about 20 orders with only positive reviews and now it’s ruins my profile.

screenshots :

Thank you

First of all, you have to get information from Xbox support about time and date of activation of this code. After it you can ask about deleting poor rate.

I tried but Xbox Support are unavailable now. I just can talk to a chat bot… But the problem is not about Xbox activation. It’s about an unfair vote. If there is a problem with the transaction, it is usually resolved with the seller or you open a dispute. Neither has been done ! Here is the problem. :confused:

Yes, yo have to provide proof of activation time.

Hey @CosmosDigital,

I have answered you regarding your issue through PM ok.

So I will close this topic.

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