New gameflip app bug

Hey, my account Locked ( Too many challenges failed (20)) Yesterday i updated my gameflip app to version 2.17 and in 2fa atm i don’t have any code. so i can’t do anything on gameflip app ( i don’t recieve any code and now account is locked. I need any support , i can’t be without gameflip more than a day. My code is TM2YTF . Ticket id #782757 @DarkKnight @Sparkling_Juice @MajorTom

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I cant put my store online or see the security code after the app update


@DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit are you guys aware of the bug ? please fix the android app

i have exactly the same problem
My code is FNLCQ7 . Ticket id #782887

I stopped getting security codes after the update and my account is locked now too.

Same issue I am having and the seller of a item I purchased wants to send me the code via the app messenger.


@DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit . I have same error here plus in on alot if disputes I need to resolve I’m really scared I don’t get repoted or banned. I’m actually not too old here. My profile code is XQDH5Y

I am having the same exact problem. The app prompted me to enter 2fa code but all options were grayed out. Eventually gave me same error as OP and was locked out. This only started happening as of the latest update for the Google Play version. Help would be appreciated.