New users canceled purchase.

I have some listings that have been bought by recently joined users… but every time they bought from me, the purchase goes UNDER REVIEW and then got CANCELED. So I assume this happens because some issue with the buyer’s payment. So my question is, didn’t suppose that gameflip ask for all the new users info before they let them create an account? Why if they already passed some days to get validate their accounts, they have to wait even more time to get their payments correct.

From my perspective as a seller, is annoying to watch my listings getting canceled by gameflip all the time.

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Nope. Payment details are not required to make an account. Must validate phone number though.

Here -

Not exactly sure what you meant. I assume you meant that they have verified their details and did a few successful purchases/verified account to be Gameflip verified. Depending on how often they buy, the cost of the listing they bought and also whether they give the correct details that Gameflip requires, the time varies.

As I suggested on your other topic as well, you can suggest anything or express your thoughts to Support or DarkKnight/MajorTom via DM.

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Yeah that’s exactly my point… why don’t gameflip verify the payment of a user, before they be able to make a purchase?. Also, I am a bit confused tho… why this forum has a Question & Suggestions category if I have to DM or mail a new suggestion?

This is CRAZY annoying I feel your pain

We have to wait sometimes 24 hours just to have the transaction canceled

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Yeah that’s really bad… sometimes people only buy because of a discount code, so our item got under review and by the time gameflip review and cancel the purchase, the code is no longer available and all the buyers already got it from someone else. So this causes more damage than it looks like.

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You can suggest here. Support/DM just increases the chances of your suggestion/thoughts being heard. That’s just my suggestion. I did not state that u must do it.

They do. But there are risks everytime people buy. They need to confirm it is the same person who is buying if there is a sudden increase in amount/number of times of purchase or any suspicious activity.

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Oh sure thanks I will suggest that thanks for the help… I appreciate it!

During june i sold an item worth 130 dollars and withdrew it to payoneer but my payoneer account had the wrong information so they refunded it back to gameflip they said, I received an email on july 27th asking for pictures and screenshots of the incident and i have given them but i’m yet to get an answer. I called payoneer multiple times and they continue to say that they have no control since they refunded the money back to gameflip it’s all in gameflips responsibility now

Hey @Hayden_Prensky!

Could you please provide me your ticket number so I can look into your case?

God Speed! :trident:

Hello @Mago6246,

I understand your frustration, but keep in mind that not all users are selected to go through review.

It all depends on various details that is collected by our anti-fraud system to hold the transaction and request the user to provide a type of verification. Just like @Sparkling_Juice mentioned above.

“Depending on how often they buy, the cost of the listing they bought and also whether they give the correct details that Gameflip requires, the time varies.”

So each case is different from another and there would be no way of requesting every information to every buyer at once, without knowing what is specifically needed to release the order. Also, usually the buyer only adds a type of payment method when they are going to make a determined purchase and the type of item and value will vary. So there are lots of variables to this process.

Another point, when a buyer makes a purchase and the order goes through review, a Document Verification text (screenshot below) appears to help speed up the verification process:


Hope I was able to clear your doubts regarding this.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or PM me :wink:

Have an awesome day! :trident:

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I didn’t realize all that process… I do understand now and well is just frustration from me because… For example: I sold 3 times to a different users one in-game item at the price of 79.99$, it got cancelled every time and the process between reviews and cancelled purchases was about 2-3 days wasted. Now that same item is around 55$ and still at that price, can’t sell it. That’s the frustration about this issue in my case but now I understand a bit more what’s the process and I don’t blame anyone about this. It’s just bad luck I guess. Thanks for your time to explain!

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Hey @Mago6246,

Not a problem at all :wink:

I’m just glad that I was able to help out in a way.

Have an awesome day!

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