Nintendo account ban

Yeah, I’m in the same boat with Nintendo. Gameflip was great though, they refunded my money right away.

I emailed Nintendo to get an update five days ago, but still no word.

I’m certainly losing my faith with them. Honestly, I’m starting to understand why it was so hard for them to get into online gaming and the fact that they still use friend codes…they all seem to move at the pace of the Tree-folk from Lord of the Rings!

Keep me posted on all of your outcomes.

And “F” you “Nintendoshop”, I hope you’re in jail soon!


Gameflip was great indeed I also received a refund from them, took longer than I liked but it’s nothing compared to Nintendo.

I finally got a reply from them again. But it will unfortunately drag on. See below for their message to me:


Thanks for contacting us. In order for us to look into your request further, we require the following information:

  • Screenshot or photo proof from a desktop, not a mobile device.

Please reply to this email with this information. Please note that if we do not hear from you within the next seven business days (1/27), we will consider this matter resolved and close the incident.

If you are unable to provide this information, you may call us at 1-800-255-3700. Agents are available every day from 6:00am to 7:00pm Pacific time. When you call, please have the following tracking ID number ready so we can address your concerns more quickly.

Never had they mentioned before that it had to be a screenshot on the laptop or a photo proof. So I just made the screenshot as requested, but due to the refund you can no longer see the game code. But in my message to them I’ve mentioned that they can see the order ID and can link to my screenshot on the phone where the game code was still visible.

I’ve honestly barely touched my Nintendo Switch since this whole situation. They really piss me off with how they’re handling the situation.

Oh wow, that was fast. Didn’t expect that. So 45 minutes after I replied to their e-mail, I already got a reply from them.


Regarding your recent request, I’m pleased to report we approved the release of the ban on your account. You may access online features immediately and will be able to resume eShop transactions within 2 business days. The digital content tied to the unauthorized transactions has been deleted.

Please keep in mind that any new unauthorized transactions reported on this account will result in a permanent ban.

We consider this matter resolved and have closed the incident. If you have any additional questions, please contact us via our online webform:

All in and all, it took about 5 weeks, which is quite outrageous, but I’m glad that my account will be unsuspended.

Hopefully you all get the positive news soon too. Keep us posted.

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Today they requested a screenshot of the cancelled transactions from Gameflip. I wish they would’ve asked for that initially. To be honest, I think they purposely don’t even act on this stuff until at least three weeks.

Now, I’m wondering if my Nintendo Online account was charged after the free 7 day trail…you know during that whole time I was banned :roll_eyes:

To be honest, dont push it. Forget about it

I got my account unbanned a few days ago. The only reason I knew was because I got a generic email that didn’t say anything about me being unbanned. I was able to partake in the New Year’s sale, so I was happy about that. However… This ordeal has definitely made me hesitant to buy anything Nintendo related at all from Gameflip. Even with sellers that I have never had problems with, I’m not sure I want to risk buying anything because of how many games I have bought on the Eshop. Anything could happen, and I don’t want to be permanently banned. A shame too, as I was able to get some games at good prices before.

I got unbanned 2 days ago after about a month and 2? weeks and I’m with you. I’ve bought a few Switch codes, including first party games on here before with no issue but now I think I need to stay away. Such a shame :frowning:

I guess if we really wanted to circumvent that and not want to be banned we could make another Nintendo account to redeem a code but even that might be risky…

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I know right? I even mailed them and included this part in my reply back:

"Hereby I’m sending you the screenshot made on my laptop + photo proof of my screen of this page . I just wish this information would have been told earlier. "

Ah that’s great to hear that you also got banned. To be honest I expect that all of us who were affected by this will be unbanned as long as you contact them + provide them with the information they want.

Yeah it’s the same for me. With Nintendo’s strict policy of one more strike and you’re out forever. Because I went completely digital and have purchased quite a bit by now, I just don’t want to risk it all…

There are less than a handful really reliable sellers from who I might still buy from, but it sure made me hesitant so I will have to think about that. I’ve also been trying to find out if any of the nintendo eshop card codes would be able to get charged back by the seller or any other parties. If not, then I’d probably stick to getting good eShop card deals from here and combine it with eShop sales.

Hey, I thought I’d let you all know Nintendo has lifted my ban and I’m sure if it happens again, the ban will be permanent.

For the record, Gameflip refunded me on my two digital codes with absolute ease, but here’s my takeaway: don’t buy digital codes on anything other than the eShop. Use Gameflip for physical copies.


I got unbanned and all three games were removed. I did see that my Nintendo online subscription was extended by a month.

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So apparantly, Nintendo did not ban everybody back in December because they just ban my account, 5 months after! Same reason as all of you, buying from that NintendoShop account… hope I get it back

Fun! Hope you get your account back soon.

Funny, I also got banned recently (like 3 days ago) from buying from that same seller. Contacted Nintendo and they basically said get a refund from Gameflip and they’ll be able to lift my ban. Hopefully gameflip cooperate soon

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How’s everyone’s wait time?

I got caught up in a fraud with a seller named Panda, which has already been removed.
Panda has fraudulently sold over 150+ digital game key codes.

Purchased Luigi’s Mansion 3 (2 copies - one for me and one for someone else).

I received the suspension on my Nintendo account, in the afternoon, while I was playing Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Have yet to hear from Gameflip staff to reverse the transactions, so that Nintendo can lift the ban.

I am also furious that Nintendo only protects themselves in this situation.
Not only are they deleting my digital copy of Luigi’s Mansion 3, but they also banned me until this is resolved.

It’s so unfair that as a victim from a fraud that I get banned for someone else’s fraudulent actions; where the Gameflip seller was using somebody else’s credit card and Nintendo info, and yet the cardholder only realizes the unauthorized c.c. transactions 22+ days later.

I think after this, no more buying from Gameflip ever again.

There is even a thread regarding this fraud seller and Gameflip staff has already refunded several buyers. Shouldn’t they automatically refund every buyer affected, at this point?

I’m so mad.

Just got banned 2 days ago. Seller was: M1LO-Store✅
Such a bummer that we aren’t protected in this case. Gameflip should be the ones calling Nintendo on our behalf. As for Nintendo, just delete the darn game from my account and be on with it. Why ban my account? Just delete the game! So beyond frustrated. I submitted my ticket 2 days ago and have yet to hear from Gameflip to reverse the transaction. Thanks, but no thanks on buying from Gameflip ever again. It really is too bad this couldn’t have ACTUALLY worked out.

I got banned the second time from 2 different seller due to chargebacks. The first time my account was lifted about 8 days. Now I’m still on the second time and I hope it is not a perm ban (already been 7 days).

All these purchases was 5 months back and I told Nintendo I’m a victim too.

If you go to here :

Then, check in the bottom right corner of the page for the chat icon. Click there to start the chat.

If you don’t see it, then try again later or right around 9am PST …

I spoke with the agent immediately.

This way will bypass the ticket submission and you can speak directly to someone to help you.