Nintendo Several Scams

Hello there, this week several nintendo switch owners, including me, were scammed for some guy named Nintendoshop. I bought a game from him for 35$, everything worked fine for 24 hours, then Nintendo sent an email claiming that the game waspurchased with a stolen credit card so the game was removed from my account but the transaction was already completed by me. This guy was reported for several users so his profile does not longer exists. I’m not sure how gameflip guarantee works but after we try to withdraw the money keeps on hold for 2 days for this kind of reasons, will gameflip take my money back for this issue?

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same thing happened to me, purchased Pokemon shield for $39.99 and everything was fine for 4 days then i get banned. i contacted nintendo and it was due to a chargeback

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Contact Gameflip support here

I bought 2 games from this seller and one game already got reported, that one doesnt work anymore. The other one still works… for now. My account has been blocked by nintendo for charge backs. Lol. My poor account :’(… I wasn’t looking for problems, I was just trying to save some money :’( thanks alot game flip :face_with_monocle:

Same thing happened to me. It all worked till this morning when I was trying to log in on My Nintendo to check something. I found it odd, but didn’t think too much of it yet because I had to head to work. At work I checked the forum and I came across several of these topics and all of course describing and even mentioning the seller that I had also bought from, Nintendoshop. Then it all started to make sense. As soon as I got back home I turned on my switch and tried everything and indeed my account was suspended and it is because of BOTW that I purchased from this seller. Also got Astral Chain but according to Nintendo that one didn’t receive a chargeback (yet!). Which I can confirm because of it is still working. Anyway I immediately called the customer service, then soon after it got escalated to a supervisor. He sent me an email which I have to respond with all the information about the purchase and it will take 3 business days to process. They did say that if my account get unsuspended it will be a perma ban if it would happen again. I learned my lesson, and despite having plenty of good experiences on Gameflip, I’m too scared now to risk the account with game codes anymore.

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So after some tickets submitted on help center, I get my money back and it’s great but I mean, the ban is something that Gameflip won’t fix. I have no idea if Nintendo is against this resellers we are all buying from in here, but I would love to see Gameflip taking a step forward in behalf of all us to fix this. If they don’t I guess the message will be pretty clear, Gameflip games are not legal and not to be trusted.


I’m dealing the same issues right now. I bought 3 games from the same dealer, nintendo banned my account and removed one of the games in the process, and now I’m trying to get it reactivated and refunds for the games. Wish me luck.

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