No 4 digit code on my account

I made a purchase of 66 dollars on my account, and game flip shows up as pending with the amount BUT there is no code whatsoever. I don’t want my order to cancel and i need help becuse it says it’ll cancel within a few hours??? Yet they take 1-2 days to reply back. My order ID is 7d78ea78-2cc1-4c96-832f-08adc5cd2aff and my ID is DTZEA7

Hello @Gigi_S,

I have sent you an email with instructions to verify your purchase.

Have a good day!

God Speed! :trident:

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

I am having this issue as well.

Hey @Gigi_S,

Not a problem :wink:

Sorry to hear that @Dark_Phoenix and sorry for the wait.

Could you please provide me the order ID?

God Speed! :trident:

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