No Watch Option?

You guys need a Watch option for Games/Items so i can keep track of some stuff i might buy and not have to look for it all over again ^-^


Agreed, I have had buyers comment that they wanted to revisit a listing at a future date. As a featured store this is less of a problem but for other sellers this is likely to be a bigger problem because of the current way items are sorted and displayed in a very randomized fashion. While this is an interesting way to browse a variety of listings when you don’t have a targeted one in mind, it tends to get in the way when you do.

As the number of listings grows, the method used for displaying them may become overwhelming and lead to an overall disorganized feel. I browse listings many times a day and have already noticed that listings that were easy to monitor early on, are now much harder to find. Items of interest are now more difficult to find and require a lot of digging through unrelated listings to locate. At times this left me wondering if they had already sold, or simply just been buried by newer listings.

A watch option is an excellent idea.


My sentiments exactly! I want to keep an eye out for a good Nintendo 3DS just so I can play Bravely Default.

Right now, there is a bunch of features the team hopes to add~ It’s just a matter of time.

We’re definitely listening to everyone’s suggestions and hope that we’ll do the best we can to make people happy :smile:


Actually one of our next features that we’re working on will be the ability to “Like” listings! We wanted this feature in at launch, but unfortunately took longer than expected to build. :disappointed:

But I’m hoping we can get it in soon, cause I completely agree that we need this!


Burthefly help me!!!

Wow, the Like button suggestion was from 2 years ago! …and we still don’t have it.

Yeah lol… that’s bad

Taylor, commenting/spamming all listings won’t help

topics lol

Yeah sorry I know that now, when you said it on another listing and said to put my invite code which I have done now. But is there any chance that you can help me

I can’t, I’m just a guy like you and others