Not yet refunded after days

I tried putting $175 on my account and it went through and they took my money. I only got refunded $7 back and I’m still waiting for the rest of it to be refunded into my bank account. It’s been 4 days now what do I do.

You added funds of $175 and “it went through”, meaning you got $175 in your Gameflip wallet? What does the $7 refund have to do with it? What do you see on the bottom right of

The moderators will need your profile code in order to help you.

I tried 175$ worth of money on my account but then they rejected my account verification. I tried putting amounts of 140.66, 35.47 and 7.42 on my account and I was only refunded 7.42.


Can you send me your invite code so I can check this issue for you?