50$ loss NEED HELP

Hey Guys saw you Can answer some questions, I have Put 100$ onto Gameflip and Tried another 50$ but said it couldn’t Be verified, when I checked my bank statement and pay pay it both said it took another 50$ out for Gameflip but still wasn’t credit the 50$ they took from my bank, what should I do?

Do you see your “Deposit Transactions” history in https://gameflip.com/wallet/usd/deposit or https://gameflip.com/wallet/transactions
Do you see the $50 in there? When did you deposit? It may take a few hours to show up.

If it’s been several hours then post your invite code for a moderator to help you.

My invite code is


As I checked, both your $50 funds were added into your account.


please help my invite code is LYUVDH i got scammed in 10$ psn code that is not working

No, did you see my total of 150$ funds added correct?
I only got to spend 100$ and my remaining balance says 0.45$ so there for 50$ is missing from my account

So as you see 100$ was added and a 50$ refund for a item I bough without adding funds so 150$ total, and my spend history was only 100$ in purchases so therefor my wallet should have a left over 50$ in my wallet

Balance 0.00 (July 11th)
+50.00 (Added)

Balance: 50.00
-3.50 (Purchase)

Balance: 46.50
-12.50 (Purchase)

Balance: 34.00
+51.80 (Refund)

Balance: 85.80
-51.80 (Purchase)

Balance: 34.00
+50.00 (Added)

Balance 84.00
-55.55 (Purchase)

Balance 28.45
-28.00 (Purchase)

Final Balance: .45

Unless Im missing something it just looks like you spent it?

Hey. Go to Wallet -> Add funds.
Whats under “Deposit Transactions”?

Where do you see a purchase of 51$ tho???

In your original image that you posted there is a purchase for 51.80 after your refund. Is it possible that refund was canceled?

I believe I never got my refund as I have 3 transactions on my bank account for 50$ added to Gameflip but yet it’s not on my account so??? How do I get my 50$