Offended by buyer

I im seller, im selling gift code and a buyer ( bought my gift code. I swear that is not wrong code, but he blame me, blame my familt, he told me is “domestic animal”.
I very angry when I read his messenger ! IT IS NOT ALLOW IN GAMEFLIP’S RULES
My invite code: LVBDES
Order ID: 58fde05a-6f71-4702-b8a8-82ec87b2a6df

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The buyer will have to provide evidence that the code doesn’t work. And you’ll be asked by support to provide counter-evidence (you can use the exchange messages to upload proof/screenshots). Please be patient as disputes can take longer than other tickets to get resolved.

As for the rudeness, the buyer will probably be warned, and suspended if they behave like that again in the future, according to the Gameflip Guidelines:

Listing descriptions and reviews with any form of profanity or inappropriate and hurtful language will not be tolerated. If violated, the listing or review will be removed and your account will be issued a warning.