orders keep going under review for no reason


been purchasing on the website for a long while now … recently. . all of my purchases have been going under review for no reason at all … they later get released and go through fine… however … this hours of delay for every order is not cool…

recently tried adding 10$ and 50$ to my account via my verified and connected paypal … also tried ordering some codes directly … all purchases went under review (one iis still pending with every verification showing up as approved) … previous purchases got released a few hours later. why is this happening?

code: WAQSPB

Here is an article explaining why purchases for individuals goes under review

Is your account verified? If not, it would appear that this might help with your problem.

That’s the thing…my account is verified .everything that is required is approved… still purchases go under review. Oh and the latest purchase is STILL under review…it’s been almost 8 hours now .

I think purchases made on weekend might take a bit longer than on working days. IF that not match you try contacting @DunnBiscuit for further help.

My purchases on the weekend go through fine. Guess I’d leave it to the Moderators to figure it out :+1:

Hello, while you try to use a credit/debit card from a country that is different than yours, the system will flag your account and your orders will go under review even if your account is verified. We removed the flag from your account now.

Thank you.