Payment issue - pending


I recently sold a item on Gameflip with auto delivery. The transaction is now complete but when i go to activity there is no timer and when i go to FLP wallet there is it is on Pending.

Please anyone help me.


my profile code: WH6WNY

So when you go to Activity and then June 2019, it doesnt say something like "Sales Proceeds
(Available in XXX)? It should appear like that.


It doesnt.

Hi, im having the same problem! I have FLP marked as pending but cant see any countdown under the activity tab

My Code: XQ4WG5

Check this link It should show all of your transactions and it status.

same for me mate.

My FLP was just released, did you get yours?

i didnt got it yet.

When did you complete the sale? so i can see how many days it took to release

The 11th of this month, but it was only 390 FLP ($3.90) is yours a large amount?