Payment verification help


I recently placed a funding order and then was required a payment verification, I have the code from my bank statement but don’t know where to enter it.

Find an email titled “Payment verification is required for your order”. There should be a link in it to go to the Gameflip webpage where you can enter the code.

I haven’t received any such email

What asked you for the bank statement code? Could you please screenshot the request message (if it has no private information).

How long does the email normally take?

That page is from the Zendesk help page, not sure how you got there from using the iOS Gameflip app?

What payment did you use, credit card, PayPal, others? If you used PayPal then the email would be sent to the email address you registered on your PayPal account.

If you need to have support to take a look then please create a support ticket.

Credit card PayPal doesn’t work for me for some reason