payment verification ???

Hi i bought a gift gard but the orders is on hold and i got this error message -payement verification required- and it says also that an email verification with 4 digit code has been sent to my email but the problem is that i didnt recieve any email i tried with 6 cards but the problem always persist
please help and thank you in advance

Have you tried this method using the code found on your bank statement.

Please post your invite code (from your Gameflip profile) here so a moderator can help you.

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im using paypal as a payement methode so i dont have anything on my bank statement . i should receive an email in my payapl email adress but i didnt receive anything

A moderator can help you if you leave your invite code in this thread.

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Here is my invit code 4WGUMC

Hey man, I just answered your ticket.