PayPal Withdrawal, My Money Does Not Come To My PayPal

Hello! I’ve withdrawn 75 dollars 3 days ago and around 60 dollars 2 days ago, none of that money has come to my Paypal and it only types, “Needs Approval”, when will i get my money? Is this a bug or problem? This is my first withdrawal btw. My code: UB2271

Hello, I, too, it was. To solve this problem, tie a bank card an account to paypal, also confirm your account on the paypal.(Confirm your passport and so on.)

Payouts may take from a few hours to 7 business days to be completed. Usually it may take up to 24 hours to complete tough.

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My friend withdraw money and he didnt tie a bankcard to paypal? So it should work without?

I earned only after attaching the card to paypal

How long did it take after you attached The card?

5-6 months

Did it take 5-6 months to get money after you attached your card?

No, no. I tied the card 6 months ago. I deduce the money in 1-5 minutes.