poor review with toxic buyer

Hello again everyone.
Can somebody remove it @DarkKnight @MajorTom
My code is PXFNPM

Most toxic buyer what i ever met in over 3k sells here. When he made a purchase- ive sent friend request to him. After 24 hours ive received thase messages

Theeeen after 2 hours he accepting my request and i receive more then 15 invites in 10sec on my ps4 and these messages!

As you can see its total lie what he had written in review

Hello little_dog,

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to remove ratings via forum anymore.

From now on, I suggest that you open a ticket to the support team using the link below:


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hello @MajorTom, thank you for your answer!

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Hello i have had to recent neutral feed backs and my only neutral feed backs but i dont deserve them i sent a ticket to gameflip still no response please help

Hello @iMRxzorZz,

Could you please provide me your ticket number so I can inform the Support Team?

God Speed! :trident: