Problem with PSN code

Hi @Mr.Egift, on March 9 i bought a $50 psn code from you, i tested it, and it all seems normal, but i did not redeem it, today I tried to redeem it and it says “The prepaid card could not be redeemed. Please try again later.” The code has not been redeemed, but it cant be redeemed. Can you check that out please?. Thank you. (screenshots here)

dont buy from that seller, happened to me and when that same thing happened to me and escalated and showed proof, that same seller immediately cancelled transaction, mine I believe was a $25 psn gift does not seem trustworthy since I cant leave a negative feedback in this situations to make aware other buyers.

Either its selling non active gift card, or charged back gift cards(probably the first most)

Best to send ticket here with all the information and proof for a faster reply.

Forums would work too but it might take up to a few days depending on when they have time to come online unless you got time to wait :slight_smile:



Hello Hirox,

As Sparkling_Juice has mentioned, could you please open a ticket to support team using that same link and let me know the ticket number?



Hi @MajorTom, ticket number (555674). Thank you.

@MajorTom I just got response from support, they say that because this was past the 3 days ( 4 days to be exact) there is nothing they can do…this is a free pass for scammers, the code is invalid, not functional, unredeemable, i can send you the code and you can check it for yourself. As buyers we need more protection. I need a solution. Thank you.

Hello Hirox,

I just sent you a DM. Could you please check it and let me know?

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Support told me again that is impossible to do something because i noticed that the code was unredeemable 4 days after the purchase, and not the 3 days they gave to review it.
For te record @Mr.Egift, the code you sold me is unredeemable. I just lost almost $50. That 3 days period is great for this type of scam. If anyone is reading this, beware of @Mr.Egift, he may have almost perfect score, but selling 1 bad code every 20 is a great method for scamming.

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