Processing issue

Ive sold my AK skin aquamarine revenge and it’s still processing. I’ve been waiting for an hour…

I apologize for the confusion and inconvenience that this has caused. When this happens, we’ll need to further investigate the Buyer’s payment before we can push the purchase through. This process can take up to 48hrs to complete, and may become canceled if we aren’t able to verify. If this happens, the item will be automatically re-listed onto the marketplace for you.

Then I basically wait?

Unfortunately at this point, yes. We do this for everyone’s protection as we want to make sure it’s a safe transaction for you.

Ok. I ll update this thread, still processing

this is the bot that currently has my item

.I really like the last sentence… “will receive the money faster”. Of course. 16 hours and still no money

What a trustworthy site… trade bot has to be fast, not 20 hours and still processing… I need help… pls unlock the transaction, what can I do

As mention before, this has nothing to do with how you listed the item. This has to do with needing to verify the Buyer’s payment before we can push it through. Yes, once this item is actually bought, the Bot transfer will automatically send the Buyer a Steam trade offer and once they receive it they transaction will be rated and the money sent to your account.

If you still have further questions about this listing, please contact Support so we can look into your account and give you more information about this listing.