Processing item

My Flip Knife Night Battle Scarred has been sold. Gameflip says that he has received his item but I havent received my money. The order is being processed. Why is it taking 1 whole day to finish the process. I’m trying my best to find the solution but I cant seem to find the answer. I put up a item later and that process is completed.

I apologize for the confusion and inconvenience that this has caused. When this happens, your listing isn’t technically bought yet because we’ll need to further investigate the Buyer’s payment before we can push the purchase through. This process can take up to 48hrs to complete, and may become canceled if we aren’t able to verify. If this happens, the item will be automatically re-listed onto the marketplace for you.

it has been 2 days :confused:

and if the item isnt actually bought, why is it marked as “Sold”?

If you mean the “Sold” tab, this is because it’s technically not on sale right now. If you click on the listing itself, you’ll be presented with more information of the state of the item. Once it’s Completed, this is when it’s been sold and the money issues to your account.