Profile Bio/Forms of Contact

One of the most frustrating things as a seller is not having any form of contact between a seller and buyer.

I know that people can supply any description or info they’d like on their profile page, but this isn’t very well explained. In fact, I was unaware that I had a bio area until I snooped around the app.

Perhaps just a global bump or incentive to creating a bio/contact info would be useful, so that people are aware of its presence, which would hopefully help contact between members.

Also, a chat would be a useful alternative, and comments that can be expanded. (If comments are too long there is no way to read the whole thing).


Yes we should be able to have communication after a sale is made.

I agree 100%.

As a seller, in the event there is an issue with a transaction we need the ability to resolve the problem to a buyer’s satisfaction. Having to relying solely on a 5 star rating system is simply not good enough. Without a method of contact, we have no idea how processing of returns or resolution of complains will be possible if the need arises.

Hi Michael! These are all great suggestion and feedback, which are actually the next feature that we are implementing into the App. The ability to comment & communicate between buyer/seller after the purchase has been made is our next feature that we’ll be implementing. This should be coming out very soon (which all depends on Apple and their approval process) since we’ve already built this function.

Our long term goal is to definitely make Gameflip more of a social experience as well. Which in our roadmap we will be implementing more customizable and prevalent Bios.

Please feel free to let us know about any other suggestion you feel would help out the overall user experience of the App. And glad to have you a part of the Gameflip community!


Good luck with the approval process. Apple can be picky sometimes, even when a change is a necessary one that does not change the core features and functionality of an application. :thumbsup: