Picture option when messaging Buyer/Seller?

This isn’t a major issue but I recently sold my first product and it started off a little rocky (me being super busy made it hard to ship on time). My buyer was more then patient but I would’ve liked to make him more at ease with the option of sending him the progress I was making as far as shipping. It would be great to send him a picture of the item as I’m packing it to ensure it meets his shipping needs, and it would help reassure him that I was making the effort to get the item to him. I would presume many other people would like this as well but hey, this is just one guys opinion I guess.


Thanks for the feedback @YousefHariri. I’ll pass it along to the team to see if this is something that we could implement in the future. Maybe it could be something along the lines of an attachment into the Buyer/Seller comments on that listing.

Hi @YousefHariri, Nice to see your name again! How are you?

The Shipping time frame and your personal life can always get in the way of a perfect transaction, but as long as you did what you do ( communicate with the buyer) And let them know the progress mostw ill be ok with the delay. Yes since gameflip doesnt have an in app image sending progression you cant send pics. The only other way is to do so by getting their # or email, or facebook. Some buyers or sellers are uncomfortable with this as many people don’t like to give out their personal information. So of course having an in app pic sending option is a good add-on.
Its a good opinion Yousef. Keep up the good work and hopefully you get more sales.

I think the send pics/photos option has been out for a few months now :slight_smile: