New member questions

Is there a way to private message someone on their account?

How does the “buyer pays shipping” option work? It says the limit is 8oz for a first class mailing, but isn’t first class up to 13oz?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Justin, you are not able to message members directly. The only way you can message them is if you, or they have bought/ sold an item with/ from you. So unless you buy their item, or they buy yours, you cant directly message them.
If you select the buyer pays shipping option when the buyer goes to check out it will show this.
I buy your game Halo Reach for the xbox 360 for $10 + $3 shipping
when i check out it says Item price : $10
Buyer pays shipping $ 3
Total = $13 paid by the buyer.

Yes the allotment is 13 oz total, but gameflip would prefer to have the sellers be as truthful as possible and keep it under 8. If the post office weighs the item and see its above 13 oz and your at fault for that they fine Gameflip the extra cost in weight and then gameflip in turn is mad with the extra cost so they have to charge you since its your fault. The system they have in place is to prevent sellers from selling heavier items with their First class mail shipping service.

Hope you understand. if you have any questions just respond and ill answer within 2 days.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll have to double-check the weight of some of my items since a few are probably over 8 oz.

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