Priority Mail Shipping Option + Adding General Electronics Section

Hello again Gameflip community! Today I would like to bring two suggestions to the table!

  1. Adding a USPS Priority Mail shipping option to send larger items like systems or for when a buyer purchases a bundle of games exceeding the maximum weight allowed on a Gameflip USPS first class shipping label (8oz). (Question: Normally, for a $3 USPS 1st class mail label, the maximum weight is 16oz, how come $3 only gives us 8oz on Gameflip?)


  • Faster delivery = Quicker transaction completion, less opportunities for a package to be lost, stolen or damaged in transit, USPS provides up to $100 insurance on lost priority mail packages, happy customers that receive their purchases in record time and happy sellers who get paid faster.
  1. Adding a General Electronics Section to accommodate for iPods, iPhones, Cameras and other devices of this nature.


  • Variety = More traffic, wider selection, increased sales, sorts out the sections so people aren’t listing their iPhones under xBox One, iPods under PS4 and Cameras under Wii U. I have been seeing quite a few iPods, iPhones and other electronics being posted on Gameflip these past few months so this is definitely worth looking into. I remember seeing movie codes being posted often and now there’s a movie section! Cheers! Oh, and this makes Gameflip more competitive with other selling sites/apps that offer general sections like this.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for your interest and time! I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about my two suggestions and if you have suggestions, FIRE AWAY!

P.S - Please bless sellers with the option to block users from commenting on our post and the ability to delete comments on our listing. I know I’ve brought this up many times, but I will keep bringing it up until we get it. These are vital functions that will protect sellers and buyers from harassment, stress and trolls who are only here to pollute the community. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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ModernRetro i am totally with you! they do need to come out with better shipping options. The $3 option can barely cover much. And actually $3 wouldnt cover up to 16 oz. If you use, ebay, or even paypal shipping the prices vary a little but it goes like this for 1ST Class Mail
9 oz= $3.30
10 oz= #3.35

They do need to add more shipping options for bigger items such as controllers, Phones, Tablets, Systems, and bundled sets. If they can negotiate a good shipping option with at least USPS they can get commercial base pricing like other apps and websites have it.
$3- for 8oz or less.
$5-$6 for 3lbs or under.
$9-$10 for 10lbs or less and like another app has,
$15 for 20lbs or under.

I do believe if they can negotiate better prices for that it would make big bulkier sales more appealing to sellers to list and sell as well as keep in with the gameflip seller and buyer protection.

more categoried would be nice as well. especially as digital is taking up all the space in search terms even when its not related to that item you are looking for.

As well as we are still waiting to be able to delete comments! we def need that bad still. GAMEFLIP whats taking so long to add that functionality???

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Thanks for the reply @Vincents_Gaming! Doesn’t seem like they want to entertain my suggestions.

Sorry for the lack of reply up to this point. Your suggestions have not gone unnoticed.

Until any possible shipping changes are explored I’ve personally used the Media Mail shipping option for bundles of games when I know the buyer isn’t too far away. The USPS clerk can give an estimated time frame of delivery.

For way heavier items I use the Flat Rate box. They come in varying sizes so I pick the one appropriate for whatever I’m shipping. There’s no weight limit and automatically includes a tracking number and $50 insurance. That’s just my own experience, your mileage may vary.

We’re continually trying to organize the marketplace so that the listings are in appropriate sections. If you see any listings in the wrong section please let us know, as you have been doing, and we can move it to the right section.

A delete comment option would be nice but on the downside, we need to see the comment and account that made the comment if we are to take action against the account such as issue a warning or suspend them. Being able to see the comment actually in the listing makes it so much easier to find the offending account in our system.

Thanks for the great feedback and keep the ideas coming!

Isnt media mail only for book, guides, and other stuff like that. Have you asked if games are acceptable to send via USPS Media Mail? I know media mail is cheaper by weight ( Which i use for strategy guides)
But i am not so sure that we can use them for bundles of games. ( If this is true and you can confirm it please let me know and I can start utilizing this.)

Flat rate boxes do get very expensive based on size. But when you are sending an item that is 20-50lbs then of course its the way to go. But they do have weight limits. Mostly up to 70LBS.

You cant make something in the system that we can delete comments but support/ customer service is still able to view them, just not the customer?

In the meantime do you want us to bug you for every single listing we have to report for a spammy person? That just adds a ton more tickets/ work on your end and draws back real help that customers/ sellers need from the support team. ( Like my issue about not getting any notifications still has not been resolved ( after 1+ month.)

Hi Vincent. I asked and the USPS rep said disc based media was ok to send media mail. To be sure, I would check with USPS just to confirm.

Until such a time that users can delete comments, please do report the comments. Especially the ones that post their phone number or email saying they want to buy your item. Those accounts are definitely scammers.

And I was actually going to ask if you were still having your notification issue. Sorry to hear you’re still experiencing it. We’re still working on this and hope to have it fixed soon. We still have your ticket saved so we’ll update you as soon as we have news for you.

I asked one my my local reps at usps and she said i wouldnt do it if I were you. I will try asking someone else next time though or maybe if i can find support somewhere online.

still havent got any updates yet.
Still dont get any notifications. The only notifications i do get are when my “follow” gets a new update it lets me know. ( OR when i get an expired listing notification as well.)

But when i do click on the notification for “the new follow notification” It takes me to a blank page. I refresh and the notification dissapears and im on my own.

Not great at all.

Hmm. That’s weird. I guess Media Mail has different interpretations depending on who you ask. I was very specific about sending video games when I asked because I, like you, wanted to make sure I was following the rules.

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Yes i guess so. I actually spoke with a USPS customer service representative and she said media like cd, dvds, games, vhs are fine to ship. So I guess maybe not all employees are up to date on that at the physical locations. She did earn warn of 1 thing though.
She said that with using media mail the delivery date is not a garuntee. Meaning with USPS First class or Priority mail they have an expected delivery date and 95% of the time they make it. And they come with insurance $50 for F class and up to $100 Priority mail.

With media mail it’s 3-8 days but it can sometimes take up to 14 days to arrive. It’s easier to get lost and way easier to get destroyed by being smashed under all those heavy books. So if you ship media mail ensure you place in a good box and its protected and you may want to purchase insurance on it. As well as waiting up to 2 weeks for it to arrive to your customer.

Hope this helps anyone who reads this.

Oh yeah! That’s a good point. I usually always ship Media Mail in a box unless its a strategy guide. I was told the reason Media Mail is cheaper is because they ship by ground transport only rather than air. This takes longer and subjects the package to more potential abuse since its in transit longer. If the buyer is in the same state, its not that big of a deal. But if I’m shipping something across the country, I usually opt for the more expensive shipping option. So its always a mental calculation if it’s worth the risk to send something via Media Mail.

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