Buyer wants pictures of gift card before accepting.

I’m selling an Amazon gift card using a digital code with auto delivery. They buyer wants me to send pictures of the card before accepting and rating me. I’m new to this, and am wondering, does this make sense?

Wouldn’t that be allowing the buyer to get the claim code and then cancel the purchase? I thought the whole point of using a digital code was to avoid having to show or send any physical items. I have already sold two other cards using digital codes with auto delivery and haven’t had any issues.

I just don’t want to get scammed, you know?


Also could be that I have no idea what I’m talking about.

While it may seem reasonable , it also could be used for nefarious actions.

Like you said , the buyer could cancel the purchase , and have both the code and the barcode , and with your picture could do much more.

Is the buyer something with good rep or just a new user?
Has the buyer explained why he wants pictures of your card ?

If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right.

Also do post your invite code so the mods can check

Hey, thanks for responding.

My Invite code is RXW4VB.

The buyer in question doesn’t have any rep, and is a new user as of yesterday, Jan 15.

I’m also a new user as of yesterday, but have managed to complete two solid transactions, with two positive feedback ratings. So far I am 2 of 4. Tried to sell 4 cards, 2 went smoothly, and the other two… Not so much. One buyer hasn’t responded and seems to be waiting the full three days before doing anything.

Then there’s this guy… No rep, brand new user, and asking for pictures of the card. You’re right, it does seem nefarious. He didn’t give a reason why, and hasn’t responded to any of my inquiries. I’m being as polite as possible, but something doesn’t seem right.

So I guess all I can do now is wait for the three days to run out and see what happens. Unless there is something else I should be doing?

Thanks again.

a mod will get in touch with you soon.
@Tali will be able to give you a clearer picture.

sounds good, thanks for all the help


I could check this, just don’t send the picture of the card as you already sent the code to the buyer. If he disputes for any reason, then you may sent the picture to the support team, so they can help you further.

Thank you.

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The buyer just completed the transaction and the funds are in my wallet. Said he wanted a picture for record keeping, so who knows. Still waiting for a feedback rating, hopefully it’s positive.

Just be safe
If something seen weird its maybe something bad.

Thank you for being safe :kiss:

Lucy :heart:

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I hear ya, thanks.

Once the transaction is complete and money is in my wallet, should be good right?

If he rated you and you rated him the transaction should be completed and you should see it pending.

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That’s the weird part… He hasn’t rated me, but the transaction is still completed and I see it pending.

If you see the transaction is completed the sell should be finalized meaning you dont need to do anything.

Do you see a countdown into when the money should be in your wallet?

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Yep, just like with my other completed transactions.

“If the Buyer does not complete the transaction within these 3 days, then the system will automatically finalize the transaction and give the Seller a good rating. For the Seller to prompt the system to auto-rate, they must revisit the listing once the 3 days are up. Revisiting the listing means to simply tap on it and a notification should show up.”

Being you waited 3 days
COMPLETING TRANSACTION Read that part is where I got this information from

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ohhh ok I see now, the buyer has three days to rate, even after completing the sale. I was thinking the rating had to occur as soon as the buyer accepted. Now it all makes sense…

Many thanks, my friend.

The buying can rate you anytime after he buy the item
The buyer has 3 days to rate you
If he does not rate you it will auto rate you.

The 3 days is giving to the buying so him and the seller can fix any issues or the buyer can dispute if needed.

Normally buyer rate when they get there item or sometime the buyer does not rate after getting the item so gameflip auto rate after 3 days if a dispute was not needed

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With the change couple months ago, buyer has 3 days to “complete” the transaction but much longer to rate you (if he wants to rate you at all). Auto complete if buyer is unresponsive for 3-days.

Turns out I got all worked up over nothing. The buyer paid and gave me a positive rating, and said he “definitely recommends” me as a seller. I kinda feel bad now. Being a newb to Gameflip, I let paranoia and the fear of being scammed get the best of me. Still wanna say thanks to everyone who helped or advised me when I was uncertain, and sorry about all the trouble. A least now I have a better understanding of how things works.

Don’t feel bad. You did what every other person would of did. It’s better to be safe and do everything in your power to not be scammed. If you have any other question come to the forums and post or search to see if any other had the same issues.

Lucy :heart:


buying is trying to protect himself .
seller too is trying to protect himself.

That’s all.

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