Purchases Under Review??

I have bought over 50 items with gameflip before using paypal, 1 time I try to just use straight up credit card to save 30 seconds my purchases go under review… I don’t have an option to cancel my purchases and I’m very frustrated because I was planning to go play right away with them… Any ideas?

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The only resolution would be waiting for your purchase to finalise, in the meantime I would recommend submitting a support ticket. Sorry that I cannot provide a perfect solution but when a purchase goes under review Gameflip is checking the authenticity of your credentials.

Different payment (sometimes under different names) will cause the purchase to be reviewed. I’m guessing that’s because they don’t want the “bait and switch” scenario where you could be buying a bunch of cheap items to be whitelisted and then use a different payment to buy an expensive item with a stolen card.