Question about a seller possibly they got banned

Hello Gameflip team,

I am a bit curious about what happened with a seller.
I would not ask normally, however I recently made many purchases from this seller … small ones… mostly 1$ steam games…

Now i cannot find the seller anywhere … I am worried they might have deleted gameflip account ? if that is even possible … or that they got banned …

Seller last used and known name was UZUN KEYS
From past purchases i found this to be their profile seller link i assume

The idea is i understand there is privacy and i dont want any sensitive info about the seller …
but since i purchased over 30+ different steam game keys for resale from this seller … and steam keys cannot be checked/tested … i need any insight on why the seller is missing … because i dont want to end up finding out they chargeback the steam keys or that they are stolen …

i need to know otherwise i risk getting negative feedback in my other shop where i plan to sell these keys …

@DarkKnight (sorry for bothering you Supreme Entity, but I saw that you seem to be the man to go to when one has less standard questions)

PS: also all the trades were done 100% via GF and i have link for every transaction with the UZUN Keys seller … so far no issue …but i am paranoid… i dont imagine why he would vanish/close shop.


That is true but I could still help with some small questions that your asking :slight_smile:

Yes, you are able to delete accounts. However, it is unlikely that someone would want to delete their account when their sellling fine.

As you wrote already, the only reason why seller cannot be found anymore is if his account got deleted or suspended. Probably suspended but I can’t help you check etc so will have to wait for DarkKnight as you mentioned.

Would be best to not resell those in future since as you mentioned, it can’t be checked/tested so you can’t know whether the key is even real or not.

Have a Good Day :slight_smile:

Ok thank you kindly for your help @Sparkling_Juice ! Much appreciated.

I will see if i can use the keys maybe in some friendly environment where no issue would occur if they proved fake :frowning:

I am surprised still because from most people i trade with UZUN never caused me issues (some of the others did …and they still trade successfully :D)

but i appreciate your help and will be cautious with the keys.

can i delete the thread or can you please delete/archive it now that the matter is clarified ?


It is not needed to delete thread as people who face similar doubts can check this topic as well :slight_smile:

I will be closing the topic since it has been clarified.

All the Best!