Question about the delivery time

I recently bought an item that has a 1 day delivery time. It’s been 12 hours, going on 13 hours and I’m almost certain the person is just in school or asleep, but if they don’t deliver the item before the time is up, what happens?

The order gets cancelled and the money is refunded.

Thanks. Is the refund right away or will it take some time? It’s getting close to 22 hours now, rip. Will the listings I bought go back on sale right away as well or will those take some time too (or is that up to the seller to put them back on sale)?

If you used gameflip wallet balance for the order, it should go back to your wallet immediately. if you used a payment method, time will vary. For a credit/debit card, it varies by card provider/bank. As for the seller’s listing, I believe that the listing does go back up but im not certain.

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