Question about unintentional purchase caused by app

I have been using Gameflip the past couple months and I love it. I’m consistently buying PlayStation gift cards and I’ve never bought anything else. Earlier today I was scrolling down looking for good deals and I found some that were on sale for a price that I knew would be a race to buy them all. I clicked on a 25 dollar card and it had the PlayStation picture and discription, when I got to the next screen it looked just like it should so I continue the payment and got back to trying to grab other deals. When the card info was sent back I didn’t check it right away, 10mins later I go to check it and it’s not the card I ordered it’s a restaurant card I do not have any interest in buying whatsoever. I looked and the discription was accurate for it being a card!!! So the application must have been behind with loading the pictures and discription. I don’t want this card however the seller hasn’t responded to me. I don’t know what to do? Hold and dispute

Hi there!

Can you send me your profile code so I can check this further and give you more information on what can be done?


Yes UDUL53 also I just got a 100 PlayStation store digital code and for the second time today I was sent a code that’s already redeemed.

So how long will I have to wait before the seller refunds my payment?

You need to send relevant proof to the seller or to us, such as your account’s purchase history and the error code coming from a PC.

With that information we will be able to help you further.

Thank you.

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