Question on relisting gift card codes

Hey all! I have a Quick question I’m hoping to get answered.
Yesterday I created an account and listed an amazon gift card. I typed in the code and everything. I listed the item but wanted to change the photo for the listing. Due to a glitchy bug, I had to delete the listing again and create a new one.
When I punched in the gift card code the second time, it told me that it was already used.
Now my OCD mind is worrried that the code is “locked” or “used” now…
I deleted the listing but want to make sure the gift card is still fine to use.
If anyone can relate or bring me peace of mind that would be wonderful.
Thanks for your help

I think the message you received is that the code was already listed or something like that, right?

Please, add a symbol to the end of the code like:

xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx" and the issue will be solved for you.