Quick question about the $3 shipping method

When you choose the $3 dollar shipping do you get the bubble mail or you need to get your own? I’m sorry I’m new to this

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You will still need to get your own shipping supplies, the $3 shipping is only for the shipping label itself.

Hi @Gyrados069, Like Bur said, you have to pay for your own shipping supplies. That includes, The bubble Mailers, Ink, Paper, Tape, Scissors, And whatever other supplies you may need.

As a new seller the things you need to sell can seem very expensive and confusing. It takes time to get things down. But as a beginner seller here are some helpful tips for you.
Do you buy a lot of stuff yourself from Gameflip or other apps/ Websites? They send you bubble mailers and small boxes for your item you purchased. You are always more than welcome to REUSE the packages and send the new buyer the package you have sitting at home. Dont throw those away. Now you have a bubble mailer thats reusable, Just tear off the old shipping label make it look a little neat and of course ensure that the item will still be secure/ Fits inside perfectly. Than just add your new shipping label, close it up and your all set. You just saved money by reusing the Bubble Mailer and Helping save the planet from 1 less Bubble mailer in the trash.

As you start to become an experienced seller if you decide to pursure this as a business, Than you will eventually buy yourself a Whole box of brand new Bubble Mailers of many sizes and boxes to use to ship your items. That comes in time though, but for now just try and reuse what you can to save money. Hope this helps!