A combined shipping option.

If would be awesome to have a combined shipping option for sellers. This would encourage buyers to actively purchase more items from the same seller and provide an automatic discount. It would not increase out of pocket expense for buyers, sellers, or the marketplace when completing transactions. If anything, it will lower out of pocket expense for both buyers and sellers. As an added bonus for sellers it further increases a buyers likelihood of purchasing more than one item from an individual seller because of discounted shipping for low priced items.

This is especially important for cases where shipping costs are equivalent to the purchase price of an item. In those cases, no one wins but the postal carrier…


I completely agree! The whole shipping flow is something that we will be refining and in our road map over time. Which more importantly, as you say, bulk shipping. Personally I always look at what else the Seller is selling to see if there’s anything else I want to buy.


Not to grave dig up an old post, but the inevitable happened as was stated above. I would much rather have split the difference with the buyer than overpay the post office not once, but twice because I can’t confirm a shipment otherwise. The ability to change shipping method after a purchase would have solved this easily.

Another seller ran into a similar issue and messaged me to let me know a shipment was returned for insufficient postage. Without being able to change the shipping method he has no way after a purchase to fix this. He will now have to pay for the $3 label he can’t use, reprint a new one, and then e-mail me a new tracking number…

Score one more for the post office. :confounded: