racist user called me a drug addict



this is my post he harassed me on. i accidentally posted a hexed for 0,75 cents and ones i realized he already bought it so i explained it to him and canceled then he proceeded to harass me with racist slurs

As he fails to mention he harassed Me by calling me poor. He admits on the post for tampering with the evidence he made a harassing post on my post as well. I figured it was insult to insult and this would have been over and done with but he has tooken it to the next level I’m guessing this man is very bored

And ur posts state I’m racist not harassing. Ur stating harrassment because it’s what u been doing to me. U think by coming on here it will change what gameflip will read on the comments it doesn’t. You’re extremely disrespectful and I hope gameflip has a way with you your harassment will not go unnoticed

Guys, just report each other on said listing or send a ticket with all the information and we’ll deal with it.
I’ll close this thread since there is nothing productive out of it.