rude user calling me a dumbass for making an offer



my code is MYFKLT

I dont see why that funny @mohannade8

Please dont be rude to people on forums thx
We’re a big family after all.

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You can report inappropriate comments by reporting the user on there profile.

“We set high standards for our Gameflip community and we will not tolerate inappropriate behaviors.”

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he has now started posting on my listings and when he cant buy my item is resorting to swearing at me again

this is my listing he is posting on

If they keep it up and they don’t stop after you ask them just report them for harassment.

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yea i already have i just want to make sure he cant keep doing this to people

Just block them.
People like that in the end will get themself into trouble in the long run.

Thank You for the report

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@DunnBiscuit check him out