Having an harassment issue, add ability to block! (Angelheart Gaming)

 The ability to block users needs to be added. I'm currently being harassed by a user because I left a justified negative rating. I was buying a game from the user Angelheart Gaming. I negotiated a price and he agreed saying he would set it up, lowering the price, and then I purchased the item. Three days later he cancelled the order without communicating with me on what the problem was.Then he posted the same item back up for a higher price. I gave him a negative rating because that's just bad for business. We agreed on a price, the change was made, and then I purchased. 

 He now harasses me on anything I post for sale, insults my girlfriend. He even commented on an item saying that I was on the forums for identity fraud with my last buyers.  He's also purchased items from me for $15 just so he can leave negative feedback. To top it off he goes on anything I post and either attempts to purchase it while i'm negotiating with another buy or makes up lies to get people to not buy from me. I can't use this service until this guy is dealt with. I have submitted multiple reports but have yet to be contacted by a Gameflip representative. So far I love Gameflip, i'm just a gamer selling old games to purchase games I haven't played. I am pretty much unable to use the service due this guys unprofessional antics. 

 I have multiple screen grabs of his harassment, including one where he says "You're absolutely right - - $15 will be a small price to pay to let this community know just what a huge jack ■■■ you are <3" as well as insulting both myself and my girlfriend. I can only post one picture so i'll show the one where he falsely accuses me of identity fraud on an item I have for sale.

Beware when dealing with this user.

I’m not sure why this thread posted wonky like this. I guess it’s because it was lengthy.

never seen it posted like that either.
But dang that sucks. Plus its kind of hard to commit identify fraud with a customers Card info because we NEVER RECEIVE that information. so that person is totally out of realms here and making up lies.

It was strange how it formatted like that. I know it’s all lies but still with a newer platform like this it can still scare people away. I hope I get a response to the ticket I submitted regarding the situation. Here’s another screen grab of him insulting my lady and admitting that he’s purchasing from me just to leave negative feedback. All I did was negotiate a price and purchase a game from this guy after he agreed. He cancelled the order days later without messaging me with what the issue was. He immediately put the game back up for sale at a higher price. I thought that was unprofessional after we agreed on a price so I gave him a negative rating and feedback. He hasn’t stopped harassing me since.

Sorry for the late reply on here, but I do believe we are currently working with you to take the appropriate actions with this user. We know comments and the actions revolving around them is a big suggestion and feedback in which we are currently working on planing out upcoming features to help Sellers with issues like these.

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It’s not a problem, I do appreciate your reply here. I know your entire team is receiving heavy volume of reports and questions so I understand. I was contacted by a customer support representative and he assured me that they’re reaching out to the user and taking action. I must say I do love the app. I have sold five games and received much more than I would at GameStop. This funded three brand new games purchased with the app and saved me $20-$25 compared to retail on each item. This will definitely be my go to source for the selling and purchasing of games and I’ll be recommending it to all of my friends. I look forward to the implementation of those features in future updates. It will definitely smooth out the issues that can currently take place with negativity in the community. Thanks again for your time.

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thanks for all your help BUR!

and yes, I love selling and buying on here. makes my store happy because my items get to go to people who will love and cherish or collect them. Thats also why i spend a lot of time on here to help make Gameflip a safer and better way to be so we can all enjoy it.

He is doing the same for me! its unreal I purchased a game 2 weeks ago and it still has not shipped he is blaming game flip! He almost never responds and when h does it is just excused! I cant get any help here !!!

Sorry to hear that Henry. The individual was the reason I stopped using Gameflip as a selling service until I submitted a report to Gameflip. It took a few days but they contacted me and said they would reach out to the seller. They did and he ended up not leaving me negative feedback (he actually refused the package) and instead sent me a wall of text essentially making him out to be the victim. He then continued to message me with further lies and ended with him shelling out more insults. I finally had enough and decided not to continue with his game and told him to have a good day. The seller has decent pricing and a large inventory, its clearly a side business for this person but he is completely unprofessional. I advise to submit a report ticket with GameFlip and they will investigate the issue. I also suggest to leave the guy a negative rating and comment on how your interaction was with him. I’d stay clear from purchasing from this seller in the future. I happily spent a couple extra bucks just for a positive issue free experience with a different seller.

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hopw both goes well for you guys. sorry it happened still.

It’s unfortunate that people act this way but not much can be done on our end at the moment. I don’t deal with the guy anymore. I simply don’t purchase from him and since the mods have stepped in he’s left me alone. He tried stirring things up with messages and negativity but I just decided to not entertain him and ignore it. I come across sales of his pretty often and the comment sections are often full of him personally insulting people. I don’t know if GF bans accounts, specially sellers that push as much volume as he does. He definitely deserves it though.

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ummm so i only chanced upon tis tpic just now but felt t my duty to respond…
my name is leo and i’m the user who actually initially purchased the game in question (forza motorsport 6 for xbox one)… initially i placed an order eith angel heart but as i actually had recently just lost my job was afraid wouldnt leave enough $$ on check card for rent later that week… asked angel heart via pm later if he could possibly set aside a copy as it was a gift for mylittle brother… meanwhile mjsmittyhd started posting comments asking if he could purchase for 35 instead of 40 (particularly hurtful as i was struggling w $$ issues at the time) angel heart agreed and then responded to my message next day that he empathised w my situation and agreed to sell to me W 10$ DISCOUNT!!! he notified that he would cancel mjsmittyhd order as it said 1day delivery and instead ship me game next day in order to make it in time for little brother bday… in fact i myself saw that angel heart DID INDEED CREATE NEW LISTING FOR MJSMITTYHD he offered additional 10 discount as he did for me to apologize for inconvenience and asked if he could plz send game in 3 day instead of 1 as the 1 copy on had was to go to me… Smitty called him a ‘liar’ and ‘a ■■■’ and further stated ‘a deal is a deal you stupid ■■■■■’ he then threated to post listings all over gameflip warning other users not to buy from him… i read one of those too and respnided within it, but smitty has since taken it down… hmmm how convenient mjsmittyhd couldnt be troubled to post THOSE listings… or all of his screengrabs (one of which is obvi photoshopped LOL) conspicuously omit all of the hateful comments i and several other comments saw him post: only the reactions of angel heart which i must admit are rather restrained for all the BS smitty was saying… oh well when it comes down to it there is a reason angel heart is one of most respected sellers with highest ratings on here (and the only seller i choose to buy from) as well as a reason smitty isnt… i just thought it would be a disservice to angel heart and all he has done for me and my family to NOT put in my two cents about the situation… and to you smitty: im sorry for my own part in this ordeal and whatever inconvenience it may have caused you… but you sir were COMPLETELY out of line and came off as nothing but a whiny bully and a jackass. ANGEL HEARTT IS BEST SELLER ON GAME FLIP!!! :-1:D