user told me to go f myself


his name is yo im online
he has
641 Good
12 Neutral
13 Poor

Report him for Harassment or cyberbullying.

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yea i already have i just want this kind of stuff gone as soon as possible this is just wrong

You can re-list the item and by that all comments will be gone. or wait for support to remove it.

yea i just dont want this kind of person using gameflip if hes saying this to me then hes saying it to others too

I think gameflip should add a automatic system that removes rude comments or change them to something like if you say f*** system will change automatically to love…


@Tali can you pass my suggestion to Gameflip develop team? We need this :smiley:

Nice idea :rofl:

A profanity filter would be great for sure!

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From your multiple posts of people being negative to you, it seems you kind of poke the bear.

Telling someone keys are .70 now is basically telling him you are salty that hes not selling them cheaper OR telling him how to run his page, which can make some people mad. They dont care most of the time what you want to buy it for, their listed price is firm.

Dont go poking the bear if you cant handle the bite.

As far as profanity in the comments, I believe its against the rules but most of us are adults. But I agree there should be a OPTIONAL profanity filter for those who dont like bad words.

regardless of what i said as you just stated they are adults if they cant control there anger and spew profanities then they shouldn’t be allowed on the site

WIth the upmost respect in mind, you should care about what u say to others. What u say has an effect on what they respond with.

If u tlkd crap to me, n I responded with crap, n then u reported me? lol cmon bro.

It seems your pissing ppl off and then wanting to report them once they make u too mad. but thats just how I see it. U have too many posts of ppl saying the same things… N on ur last post of the guy who said u did drugs, u tlkd stuff to him before he responded n u cut it out of the photo ti make urself seem in the right.

Im not dumb… STOP POKING THE BEAR!.. if u cant handle the bite.

No mod is gonna ban another user especially if ur instigating them into an argument… Get gud.

Months ago, there were lots of bossy buyers and that were reported by me. None of them got banned

and how did i provoke the user on this post JHutch? all i did was inform him of the price and he told me to go f myself is that ok is it?